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Emmanuel's Messages Of The Day

Welcome to your personal message of the day.

Points of reference are extremely important to the sense of well-being for the human race. Weddings, christenings, funerals, rituals and ceremonies all serve. You have so deeply forgotten the truth of who you are, that any reminder is most welcomed, is it not? Yet even such points of reference as your most important holidays such as Easter or Passover still carry with them a sense of unreality.

'Is that really true?' you ask. 'Did that really happen?'

So the mind seeks back to historic data to substantiate purpose to points of celebration.

Let me offer clarification. Whatever any particular moment in your life seems to mean to you, know that it is serving that exact purpose. In other words, if a sunny day stands for a time of joy, utilize it as such. If it stands for a time of painful memory, allow that as well. The lens through which you receive your life is your unique experience and, therefore, your personal contribution. You do not come to walk in someone else's path, or belief system, or shadow. You come as unique creation creating. And through your own true heart's knowing, creation becomes transformation.