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Emmanuel's Messages Of The Day

Welcome to your personal message of the day.

What is so special about this time and this this place in human history? Look not to the tragedies only, but to where all seems to be well. The human eye is taught to see the darkness and to make extraordinary honoring of 'what is wrong'. Yes, most certainly. But let it also be known what is so very right.

'Very well,' you say, 'but how does one do that? Where does one look to find all right?' Begin with yourselves. Take inventory, but not as you have done in your lives, not to find where more is needed or less has seemed to become essential. But look to where, at this moment, all is well. Dare to do that. And when your eyes have become accustomed the Light, then allow your gaze to wander to further places and different circumstances.

This is not a call to New Age Pollyannaism. It is a call to balance.