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Emmanuel's Messages Of The Day

Welcome to your personal message of the day.

Listen. There is nothing so far removed from the world of perfect love that you cannot, in a breath, bring back the total memory of its - and your own- true nature.

You long for nothing more than this, to be united with the Truer Self and to walk with the memory of Home in your day to day human experience. What would you not give to remove fear and loneliness from your lives?

Yet all that is requested of you is that you be willing to take the next step and the next breath, in faith.

Now, what do I mean by faith? I mean simply this - relinquishing the blinding fears that walk with you, and taking the hand of the courageous willingness to enter into the temple of 'I don't know.' Then and only then can the Angels of Heaven comfort you. Only when you are removed from your false 'knowledge' can you gain access to your own true wisdom.